How to upload a WooCommerce Custom Placeholder

by Rob W. on 18 July, 2013

Something that is good to use when you have an online store is a Placeholder image. This is a default image that appears should a product you sell not have its own image. Even if it is only temporary you should have a placeholder image to maintain the same frames and design of your site and also to break up all the boring text.

I already had a placeholder image on one of our sites but I went and erased to replace it with another. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the place where I could upload a new placeholder and all that appeared in some places on the site was a little piece of text that said “Placeholder”…. not good.

Quickly scanning Google the only answer I found was where you need to play around with the code itself. However I knew I had seen a place where I could just upload an image and it was all sorted out without any hacking.

So off I went to the admin part and spent quite a while looking in the WooCommerce section then the Products Section then back to the WooCommerce section in case I had missed this simple upload link. Eventually I found it hidden in another part… the Definition section.

The site currently uses the Definition (aff) theme which is made by the same company that makes WooCommerce and it has its own menu.

Just go to Definition in the Menu, and then the Theme Options. You will need to go down to the WooCommerce section in its left-hand menu and where it says General you will find the section where you can browse an image on your computer and then upload it.

Once it is uploaded, an example of the placeholder image will appear.

If you have the Definition theme then you don’t need to hack into any code at all.

I hope that saves you some time.

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