How to pin a personal photo to Pinterest

by Rob W. on 9 March, 2012

How to pin a personal photo to pinterest

I recently posted about how to stop Pinterest using photos from your website, though I discovered that people were also interested in learning how to pin their own photos onto the site. Here I’m referring to uploading directly from your computer and not just pinning it from another website.

Well, pinning an image is very simple.

First you need to enter your Pinterest account.

Once there you will notice a Pinterest menu bar at the top of the page (see 1).

You will need to click on the Add+ icon which will then open a pop-up with three options (see 2).
You need to click on the middle icon that has the words “Upload a Pin”.

The screen will change one that just says “Upload a Pin” (see 3) with a button that says Browse.
Click Browse and search through the folders and files on our computer until you come to the image or photo you would like to upload.

Double click on that photo and the pop-up screen will expand (see 4) with some new options.
The image should now appear (in a small thumbnail version) to the left and next to a menu with the names of the different Boards you have. Choose the board where you would like the photo to appear.

Next, give it a description in the box below the board menu (see 5). Note, currently you can only use a maximum of 500 characters for your description.

When you are ready, click the red “Pin it” button (see 6) and then you photo will appear on the board you specified in Pinterest.

I hope you found this useful.

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