How to change and delete channel art in YouTube

by Rob W. on 12 June, 2013

How to delete channel art from your YouTube channel

Something that I learnt how to do today…

I was experimenting with a YouTube channel that I have and I uploaded an image as a “header” in the Channel Art section. However the measurements weren’t the best so I tried to change the channel image by uploading a new one.

I went to the little pencil in the top right corner, clicked on the Edit Channel Art button, and I was taken to the channel art pop-up. I uploaded the photo, clicked select and nothing changed.

I uploaded different photos, both in GIF and JPG format and then using different browsers (Firefox and Chrome) and still had no luck.

I then looked for a delete photo button to try and remove all of the images I had uploaded though there was nothing.

What I discovered is that these photos also appear under your Google+ account.

You can then delete the photos in your Google+ account and they will also disappear from the “Your photos” in the YouTube Channel Art section.

(The delete button for photos in Google+ is a trashcan above the photo).

Then what I did was go to my Google+ account, clicked on the Photos section there and then uploaded the channel art picture that I wanted.

Then I had to go back to YouTube, select the image I wanted from the “Your photos” section of the Channel Art Pop-up and then click on Select.

Eventually the new image appeared where it should have been.

Yes, it strange to have to go back and forth between the different Google products but at least it worked.

Remember, the recommended channel art size is 2560 x 1440px with a maximum file size of 2MB.


I hope this helps.

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